Backup Manager for Google Apps Solution 2.1: Backup Manager for Google Apps Solution To Save Google Apps Data To Local Drive

Backup Manager for Google Apps Solution 2.1

to create backup Google Apps data from cloud to a local machine? Get facility to create backup Google Apps data by using Backup Manager for Google Apps Solution. This application is an easy platform to export Google Apps email, calendar, contacts & email data from cloud to a local machine. And also, you can create backup of Google Apps emails in PST, EML, and MBOX file format without any chance for data loss. Backup Manager for Google Apps Solution

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Backup For Google Apps 2.1: Simply Download Google Apps Data Through Backup For Google Apps Software

Backup For Google Apps 2.1

Google Apps user and want to export Google Apps data to a local storage drive, so get instant solution here. Export Google Apps data (email, contacts, calendar & document) to a local storage drive by using backup for Google Apps software like Google Apps backup tool. Through this application, save email in PST, EML or MBOX format, save contacts in VCF file format, extract calendar in ICS format & save Google Apps documents in original file format

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Google Apps Backup Software 2.0: Google Apps Backup Software to Create Google Apps Backup

Google Apps Backup Software 2.0

to create backup of Google Apps data? Grab a Google Apps backup software solution for this query which assists user to create Google Apps backup (emails, calendar, contacts and document) and save/extract them to a local drive. Our software has powerful features like Date Based Backup and Delete after backup option that facilitate you to take backup of Google apps data. Our software runs smoothly all Windows platforms including Windows 7. Try demo

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Google Apps Gmail Backup Tool 2.0: Google Apps Gmail Backup Tool To Extract Gmail Backup To PST, MBOX or EML Format

Google Apps Gmail Backup Tool 2.0

Google Apps user and have tons of Gmail emails and attachment of Google Apps account. Assume, you will may get loss of all Gmail email data of Google Apps account due to account hacked and some other reasons . Why it loss, because you have no backup of Google Apps Gmail . In this situation, you need to use Google Apps Gmail backup tool which is simple and powerful encryption application which help user to create backup of Google Apps Gmail data and

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Enterprise Calendar Migration 3.1: Enterprise calendar migration software for Google Apps is PCVITA Express Migator

Enterprise Calendar Migration 3.1

to a virtualized platform is crucial and relevant and on. So, why not try to Google Apps calendars services. To start enterprise calendar migration for Microsoft Outlook calendars and Lotus Notes calendars, you need not to be an expert, but experiences will help. Download the best and renowned third-party software called PCVITA Express Migrator for Google Apps utility for the entire migration process of calendars data and Meta data in instant, currently

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App Optimizer A handy and reliable optimizer utility.

App Optimizer

App Optimizer optimizes program databases to save diskspace, memory and speed up the whole programm. Apps such as Itunes, Adobe Photoshop, Google Chrome, Firefox, Amazon Kindle, Windows 8.1 Apps, Skype and many more

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AppStore Data SDK 2: AppStore Data SDK enables you to scrape all the apps from App Store

AppStore Data SDK 2

apps for iPhone and iPad. * Only apps that were added today or after defined date. * One or several categories, one or numerous apps at once. * Data about developers. Features: * Versions for Mac and Windows * WordPress compatible * Output in SQL, XML, and CSV formats Offerings: * solution * one-time database snapshot * website with database Keywords: AppStore, Grab AppStore, AppStore API, iTunes API, download from AppStore, AppStore Scraper, App

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BatchUpdater Toolkit 1.1: Update application data in batch quickly and smartly

BatchUpdater Toolkit 1.1

Toolkit is a 5-in-1 software package that lets you modify or update Outlook, Lotus Notes, ACT!, Google Apps, Palm Desktop data records in batch quickly and smartly. Advantages of using BatchUpdater: - Save so much effort: BatchUpdater updates multiple records in one time. - Avoid mistakes: If you do all the updating manually, you may make some mistakes you don`t even know. BatchUpdater won`t inject typo errors. - Easy to use: BatchUpdater provides

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Google Password Recovery Google Password Recovery Tool

Google Password Recovery

Google Password Recovery: * Decrypt Google password (Google Account password decrypter) * Decode Google Account passwords (Google password decoder) * Crack Google account passwords (Google Account password cracker) * Recover Google Account password (Google password recovery) * Find Google passwords (Google Account password finder) * Google Account password ripper (rip Google passwords) * Google remote account hacker (not implemented) * Google account

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Outlook to Cloud 3.1: Outlook to cloud migration technique is easy by PCVITA Express Migrator

Outlook to Cloud 3.1

Migrate Outlook to cloud storage services is crucial and substantial for one’s enterprise communication and work platform. Indeed, for Google Apps cloud storage services; you must require purchasing the licenses. To start migrate your entire Microsoft Outlook to Google Apps services you must require as well buy the third-party software called PCVITA Express Migrator for Google Apps utility, now made available for $99.00 only.

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